Overlooked your better half’s birthday? Man, would you say you are in a bad position? Well as much as I need to give you an existence lesson on the most proficient method to keep yourself alive by recollecting her birthday, let me simply go past the ‘I revealed to you so’s’ and give you an exit plan from this obfuscate. Just book a global occasion for her to demonstrate her the amount you lament the deplorable!

A worldwide occasion doesn’t appear to be feasible? All things considered, with the time required for Visa preparing you may think this arrangement is illogical. be that as it may, is it? Then again do you have to get to know a few nations that offer Visa-on-entry to Indian travelers?

You can have an impeccable get-away in Southeast Asia and win her heart back with no visa burdens.

Here are some extraordinary open doors for Indian Tourists for a vacay in Southeast Asia:


As a piece of a festival, in the event that you need to appreciate in water and lay on the shoreline in an unwinding mode from gloaming to dawn, Thailand is the best place to fill happiness in your fantasies. Truth be told, it’s a vacationer put and is blasting at the creases more often than not yet it’ the heart-mixing shorelines and flawlessly displayed design that pulls in many expats.

There are calming spas giving you an everlasting feeling that makes you feel restored from every one of your stresses. Things being what they are, you can have a decent get-away with loose nighttimes, would it say it isn’t fascinating? So all you careless spouses, make a note of this place when stuck in an unfortunate situation book your tickets and lodgings for a sentimental occasion in Thailand. At a cost of 1000 Baht (Pay in real money just, and in Baht) Thailand gives a visa chance to Indian guests.

The most effective method to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest airplane terminal in Thailand from Mumbai at just INR 11,768.



Talking topographically, Cambodia is only a little nation with a rich way of life. The place is notable for its normal excellence with excellent waterfalls and shorelines. The populace is not that expansive with somewhat under 3000 individuals altogether dwelling a straightforward yet serene life. The houses zone worked over water and is only an impeccable meaning of engineering. The Cambodian individuals are known to be very religious so undoubtedly the world’ biggest sanctuary is worked here. With excellent waterfalls, rich religious culture, and a few wonderful sanctuaries you got a considerable measure of spots to investigate and pay this nation an abundantly merited visit.

Getting a visa for Cambodia is not that hard as well. You simply need to visit the Cambodian government office or you can even get a prompt visa at any Cambodian International Airport.

The most effective method to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Cambodia from Mumbai at just INR 14,768.


  1. Malaysia:

The following goal where you could blessing yourself a stunning timeframe is Malaysia. This South East Asian place is known for its rich assorted qualities and ceaseless magnificence. The nation is brimming with some genuine extraordinary shorelines to go for. The place is likewise known for its Formula one (F1) hustling tracks and experience sports wanders. Along these lines, it’s a serious place for the general population who are prepared to test the surge of their adrenalin.

The infrastructural magnificence of this place is additionally awe inspiring with out of this world towers and rich compositional excellence. There is no denying for the social assorted qualities of the district with various groups living respectively under one sky in peace. On the off chance that you truly need to invest some quality energy and appreciate the valuable snapshots of your life then do visit this fantastic place. The Visa standards are too simple for you to deal with.

Being an Indian traveler it is very simple for you to visit Malaysia. You can either go for the e-application or can go to the Malaysian international safe haven. You can profit a month’ visa at a little cost of Rs. 2710. The entire procedure as a rule takes 2-3 days. Indians as well as the Visa guidelines are very basic for any vacationer over the globe.

Step by step instructions to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Malaysia from Mumbai at just INR 12,119.3



Laos is the most heart touching spot in Southeast Asia with a captivating history. The agreeable environment of the Capital city of Vientiane is the ideal occasion goal for a man who is quick to draw realities from history. The passionate history buffs must visit the illustrious city Luang Prabang, where they will doubtlessly notice and run over some rousing truths of times passed by.

The normal excellence of Northern Laos will take your heart. For an unconstrained trek to Laos, you require not stress over Visa as Laos offers visa on landing in one of the International air terminals, at Vientiane or Luang Prabang. This Visa gives Indian guests an opportunity to remain for most extreme 30 days.

The most effective method to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Laos from Mumbai at just INR 18,642.


  1. Maldives

A lovely place arranged precisely in the heart of the Arabian Sea. The Country is a chain of some genuine entrancing and lovely islands, which make it the ideal fascination for the guests. The rainstorm make this place much more alluring with free streaming water symbolizing life.

Here can appreciate various water games and exercises. It is an impeccable place to visit with your friends and family and get an invigorating break from your day by day tumultuous schedule. The invigorating and warm condition add another flavor to the excellence of this nation. Along these lines, I don’t imagine that you got any reason to pass up a great opportunity an excursion to Maldives whenever you get ready for a remote occasion.

You can get a free and expandable visa to this nation at whatever time you need. The normal visa remittance is for 30days however it can be reached out according to the necessities and the standards. Along these lines, fellow stake whatever you need, pack it in your travel sack and go ahead.

Step by step instructions to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest airplane terminal in Male from Mumbai at just INR 11,318.


  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a clamoring waterfront city brimming with delightful sights. The nation speaks to an immaculate mix of eastern and western culture. The Culture holds the qualities from the convention and the quality of the advanced world. With various departmental stores and shopping centers exhibiting both neighborhood and first class marks, the nation is accurately known as the shopping heaven.

The assortment accessible even at the bug markets is sufficient to remain against any huge brand. The nation is in this way known as the world city of Asia where the combination of present day world and conventional qualities wakes up. Along these lines, in the event that you can concoct any explanation behind not going by this wonderful country, do tells us and if not then go give yourself a genuine breather with some quality time in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong government offers a simple and helpful approach to go in the nation. With simple visa offices and free get to, you can benefit a quality remain of one week to 6 months in this lovely nation.

Step by step instructions to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Hong Kong from Mumbai at just INR 15,516.



  1. Indonesia

It is another brilliant place for you to visit in your extra time. At whatever point you get ready for your next remote occasions, recall that there is a flawless real estate parcel arranged just in mid of the Indian Ocean and The Pacific Ocean. Encompassed by a few other wonderful spots like Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand, this nation emerges with its common excellence. The nation is encompassed by lovely mountains standing watchman to this gem of earth. It is a place where you can disregard every one of your pressures and ease each one of those anxiety and feel invigorated once more.

There are three methods for entering to Indonesia. The first being Visa waivers (non-extendable) plot what covers 169 nations, you simply need to get your travel permit stamped from the government office. The alongside the rundown is Visa on entries (extendable) which require a guest to pay a visa expense of 65 USD on te time of landing onto the Indonesian land. Visa ahead of time is the third way that gives a visa at an Indonesia international safe haven before entering the nation.

The most effective method to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Indonesia from Mumbai at just INR 12,661.


  1. Vietnam

The Southeast Asian Country got some genuine captivating history occasions like Silk Road and War which you may have perused in your history course books. Yet, folks trust it’s more than that. This is a flawless place for any history significant other who needs some genuine collaborations with realities. By any shot, on the off chance that you happen to be a nourishment sweetheart, then kid you are at opportune place.

The nation has some genuine extraordinary and interesting taste in sustenance. As indicated by various studies, sustenance is the most appraised fascination of this nation after its rich history and culture. On the off chance that you are one such individual who loves to travel then this is one such place that you can’t stand to miss.

The Visa method for this nation is very simple. You simply need to document an online demand and you are ready. The typical Visa endorsement takes 2-3 working days and you can profit a stay of around 2-3 months easily and it will cost you something close to 50USD. It’s without a doubt an arrangement to gaze upward to.

Step by step instructions to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Vietnam from Mumbai at just INR 11,052.


  1. Macau

The nation has a rich British history as it was the last relinquished Colonial nation. The way of life of Macau has unmistakable hints of pilgrim culture. Strolling through the old city you could persuade yourself you have seen the history yourself. The place is additionally known for its characteristic excellence, particularly water destinations ought to be on the must watch rundown of voyagers. The audacious water wears should be on your must do list in the nation. With such a large number of things to do, you would absolutely wish that your visa ought to have endured somewhat more. In this way, in the event that you are making arrangements for some quality get-aways then kid take the following transport the Macau Embassy for your visa.

The visa method for this nation is totally simple with explorers from practically every nation getting a free access to this delightful south Eastern country.

The visa endorsement is sorted in various schedule vacancies with 6 months being the most elevated and 7 days being the least. The majority of the UK voyagers can profit the 6-month office while the European explorers are subjected to get 3 months of span. For any remote guest, who needs to go to some other goal with a little time remain of around 2 days in Macau, there is not a prerequisite for any visa conventions. Be that as it may, for the reason, you need honest to goodness printed material.

The most effective method to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest airplane terminal in Macau from Mumbai at just INR 16,727.


  1. Japan

These areas are best for a speedy getaway with the least complex system of visa. The visa and cash variables are both to support you so it’s an extraordinary open door for vacationers to appreciate minus all potential limitations and make joyful without an excessive number of arranging concerns. In this way, get over your visa inconveniences, disregard every one of the customs and move for ceaseless fun. Why hold up? Simply snatch the open door and experience the genuine magnificence of the world.

Step by step instructions to achieve: Catch a flight to the closest air terminal in Japan from Mumbai at just INR 23,774.





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